Jake Ludemann

Streamside Performance

Posted in Artwork by jludemann on 03/31/2010

For this piece, “An Attempt to Tip the Scales”, I set up an outdoor gallery space at a secluded urban stream, and held a gallery opening for the fish that inhabit the space. The featured painting served as an opportunity to discuss the art world with an entirely different audience, namely, fish.

Wine and Cheese with the Fish

Through the duration of the piece, the emphasis of the dialogue began to shift from an inter-species dialogue on the nature of art to a platform for venting current frustration with the art world.

Expanded Dialogue

The discussion with the opening attendees heats up.

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  1. Don803 said, on 04/05/2010 at 9:21 AM

    Was the commentary of the fish of more or less value than what you normally get after one of your art shows?

    Did they enjoy your art, or were they just there there to eat drink and be merry?


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